G*rlfr*end Stole My Look

Hello Lovelies

So, obviously, we keep boyfriends around to buy us food and cuddle us when we are cold, right? There might be a lot more sweet reasons as to why we have a boyfriend (hehehe… plenty more sweet reasons), but for this post, let’s focus on how comfy it is to steal borrow their clothes from time to time. With fall here, it’s perfect to almost permanently steal their hoodies and shirts because they pair back perfectly to thigh high boots or our skinny jeans. I took my boyfriends favvvvvv T because it’s literally the coolest… I made a simple style, but I’ll give you sweet babes another way to dress up this T ❤


Top #1, #2|Shorts|Shoes

I took a more casual approach with adding my favorite white wedges and just adding a knot at the front of the shirt, but you can take this idea and run with it! For a more dressy, but casual look, you could add some black tassel earrings, distressed skinny jeans, and a black clutch. (literally envisioning this in my head and it makes me want to order those earrings, but I’m highly allergic. Do it for the blog kinda vibe though? LOL)

Five fun facts about my boyfriend and I

1. We’ve known each other for a little over 7 years

2. He’s from LA and I’m from good ‘ole Tennessee!

3. He likes his sugar with a side of coffee while I enjoy more coffee! (seriously though, it’s just sugar hahahaha)

4. We are both obsessed with 90’s RnB. We blast it on the radio every chance we get. Danny sings it so seriously while I take the loud and proud approach (I am literally tone deaf… aka i cannot sing lol)

5. I’m a morning person, while he is a night person. So he likes to take funny photos of me passed out because I attempt to stay up, but it NEVER works out. On the contrary, he does not wake up at all in the mornings and I have to bribe him… or patiently wait for him to get up…. hahaha


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