Let It Flow

Ahhhh, a good flowy top never ceases to go out of style. Being petite and finding the right kind of “flow” can be hard. You don’t want to look like you are wearing a roll of fabric that was magically draped upon your little body nor do you want to look like you are wearing a hospital gown. Check below for one of the most perfect flowy T’s!


Tee | Similar Skirt (under $20) | Similar Booties ($36!!)| Necklace | Sunglasses

Here are a few styling tips to help maximize your new flowy outfit!

  1. Because we tend to lack the leg length of normal human beings, longer tops can make us look stumpy. Need not to worry my fellow petite bean!! Add a bit of height with your shoe choice! This nifty trick makes your legs appear longer!
  2. If it’s not long enough to pass off as a dress, add a skirt for a more layered look!
  3. Belting is ALWAYS an option to help define our petite frame.
  4. If you aren’t comfortable, don’t wear it!
  5. be-YOUtee-ful ❤




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