Jord Wood Watch Giveaway

Summertime is ticking away…

With that in mind, are you Fall ready? You may be sifting through old sweaters and cardigans, but have you thought of the perfect accessory to to add to your fall wardrobe? I’ve partnered with my sweet friends at JORD Watches for a stylish giveaway. Perfect timing for season, am I right?!


 JORD watches are new and cool! They have an elegant, sophisticated and tasteful touch that easily ties any outfit together! Today’s post features their Fieldcrest Maple watch that is made from 100% maple wood! Let the blond toned wood remind you of the warm and sunny days of summer as you venture into the fall season…

One lucky winner will a $100 gift card to spend on a JORD watch of their choice! Though there can only be one winner, every person that enters will receive a $25 gift card as well! How amazing is that?!

Make sure to check out their other unique wood watches. I’ve linked them below for you! Even if you don’t wear a watch every day, this would be a perfect little surprise to gift someone special to you!

photography by Emma; insta link here



Women’s & Men’s Watches

Best of Luck babe!



Luxury Wooden Watch


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